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A Natural World

Welcome to the  Donnie Doan & Dee Engwis Families Nature Preserve

The Little Traverse Conservancy recently announced that the 22 acres and 430 feet of Lake Huron shoreline, just east of the Duncan Bay Nature Preserve, is now protected by the Little Traverse Conservancy as the Donnie Doan and Dee Engwis Families Nature Preserve, a permanent nature preserve that is open to the public and left natural for all time.

Duncan Bay is arguably one of the most attractive parts of the Cheboygan region, and it is certainly one of the most desirable areas to live or boat. The natural attributes of this region are what make it so special. By leaving portions of this shoreline natural, we not only maintain the scenic nature of the land, but we also contribute to the “larger picture” protection of water quality, wildlife habitat, and habitat for migratory birds, shorebirds, and waterfowl.

The Preserve occupies 22 acres of developing upland meadows and forested areas, coastal wetland, and 430 feet of west Duncan Bay shoreline. The natural acreage and waterfront overlook the Cheboygan State Park's east bay shoreline and the Straits of Mackinac. The State Park and Preserve lie along the Greenways Birding Trail and Michigan's Heritage Route 23.

It is important to note that all Conservancy-owned nature preserves are open to the public. Future plans for this land may include a short trail and possibly a viewing platform along an upland ridge on the property. It already lies along the path of a birding trail, and could become one additional stop for nature lovers or those just wanting a nice place to walk.

Environmental Education

For nearly 30 years, the Conservancy has offered free programs and activities to foster a greater understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the natural environment.

Students can learn with us all year long through school field trips, weekend programs, and summer programs on Conservancy lands.

Discover Heritage Route 23

200 miles of spectacular scenic views of Lake Huron and an astounding array of large public forest and recreational properties await travelers on Michigan's Heritage Route 23.


There's more to see on 23!

Land Trust Nature Preserves

The following are Conservancy nature preserves or working forest reserves in Cheboygan County. They remain open to the public for appropriate and respectful use, keeping in mind the ecological protection of the land.

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